So I’ve decided to start a blog (another one!). I often read on BJJ websites/good practice books etc. that a good way of keeping track of your training is to write it down. I tried that but I’m so bad at drawing (even stick men!) that the diagrams made no sense. I figured that a good way of keeping tabs on what I was doing was to start a blog.

I will be posting about my training, things that interest me in the sport, fight brands, competitions and my training towards them. I hope you’re as excited by the evolving BJJ scene as I am!

What’s important to know about my BJJ journey so far:

Belt: White (Two Stripes)

Head Coach: Michael Wood

Other Coaches: Kieran O’Brien, Adam Gregory and Ze Macedo

Academy: Kaizen Academy, Lancaster

Training Time: Eight Months


Competition Record:


I Bronze


I Gold

II Silver