2016: Competition Round Up (Part Two)


You can read Part One here.

So after Kleos, I had two competitions in quick succession. This was not a good month for me, the month of September. I went to Glasgow and to Liverpool to compete. I lost every single match. I learned an awful lot about competition mentality and different approaches I needed to take. I had some close matches, some which were won on advantages only by my opponent, but in the end that’s still a loss for myself. Yet, as I said, I pulled through and I learnt a lot about myself in the process. I know that’s a cliche thing to say, but it’s true, and it made me change the way in which I approached competition and my training regime.

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Then after that came the North West Open. This went a lot better for me, because of the losses I had suffered the month before. I changed the way I mentally approached the competition. I had a brain wave regarding how I should be thinking on the mats. Rather than being a passive reactor to my opponent, I knew that I would do a lot better if I was active and aggressive. Most of the girls I compete against are bigger than me, sometimes by quite a big margin – this means I can’t afford to be passive, or on the back foot. I have to be applying my game and my pressure at all times. It paid off at North West and I won one and lost one to take bronze. Even though it was “only” bronze, it proved to me that I was heading in the right direction with my new mentality.

I told myself North West would be my last comp in 2016. It wasn’t. I headed to Newcastle in December and came away with four medals, all the matches I lost being to the same girl (looking at you Sarah!), so I was really happy with my performance there.

As you can see from my competition sidebar, I already have two competitions in the books for 2017, which will hopefully be many more once I can fund them. I love competing and I love jiu-jitsu, I’m really excited to see what 2017 is going to bring!

See you in the New Year!




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