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In Preparation: North West Open


It’s BJJ 24/7’s North West Open this Sunday and Kaizen Academy is taking its biggest team yet. We’re taking fourteen athletes, and we’re entered into nineteen different divisions across the weights and experience levels. I’m very excited to see what the team can achieve because I think everyone has been working extremely hard to prepare for this competition. Everyone has been working on their games and developing the different aspects that they favour or that they’re best at.

As for myself I picked myself up after BJJ 24/7 Liverpool and looked at where things went a bit belly up. I’m feeling confident about Sunday and I’m very excited. The division I’m in, the white <56.5, is the biggest division I’ve ever been in. It’s still small compared to some of the guys divisions, but there’s six in the gi division and the same in no-gi. It should be good and I see all of this as a learning experience. I love going with a large team, Liverpool was very fun (stressful, but fun), and the most exciting thing is that in this competition Kaizen is fielding a team including five girls! We’ve always had a large contingent of girls training on the mats (now on and off to over a dozen), but five is the most we’ve ever taken to competition.

Considering that the gym only turned one this week, that we’re taking fourteen to a regional competition speaks volumes about how far we’ve come. Most of the people who are entering have been training consistently for less than a year, and their confidence has burgeoned to want to compete.

I’m not going to say how many medals I think we can bring home, but I think we’re going to do well and that everyone will do themselves proud. Just stepping up to the mats is freaking awesome.

I’ve been working hard both on the mats and in the weights room this month. I’ve been trying to eat more (doesn’t seem to reflect in my weight though!!), and I hope that it will pay off. This is going to be my last competition this year (I think) so I’m super excited about heading along. Now I’m going to focus my attention and see what happens on Sunday with the support of a fantastic team.

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