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In Preparation: BJJ 24/7 Liverpool


I’ll admit it straight off the bat that I’m a little bit nervous about Sunday. It’s strange that I feel this way, I’ve not felt nervous before a competition in the past, except perhaps my first one – which was all the way back in February – so it’s a little strange to feel it now.

I think the reason for it is two fold. One is that Glasgow knocked my confidence. As much as I tried not let it affect me, losing my matches was definitely a blow after I’d been working so hard on specific aspects of my game. I tried to learn from it, however, and you can read my blog post about Glasgow, and what I hoped to take from it, here.

The second reason is that it’s submission only. It’s a little counterintuitive that I should be nervous about this. I’ve done a sub only comp before and it’s the one I won gold in. That was against players who did more MMA than jiu-jitsu however, so this is going to be an entirely different ball game. Also I’m more familiar with the points system, rather than the submission system with the EBI overtime rules.


We had some practice with the EBI overtime rules at competition class at Kaizen the other night. We practiced all the options; attacking and defending both spiderweb arm bar and the rear naked choke position. I was okay at resisting submission for quite a while in most cases, so I’ll just have to test it out against the opponents on Sunday. Once again I’m doing both gi and no gi, so we’ll have to see how that works out. I enjoy doing it that way, it gives me more fights during the day and quite frankly, at this level, I do everything for the experience. I do try and hold onto the adage of you win or you learn whenever I head into competition.

I’ve been training hard over the past few weeks since Glasgow, trying to iron out kinks in my game. Seeing as this is submission only, however, the game changes somewhat. My coach, Michael, always says that you must have position before submission, otherwise it’s never going to work, so I guess working on my positional game will give me better potential for gaining submissions.

Anyway, it’s only a few days to go until Saturday, I’m under weight (of course!) and nearly set to go.

Kaizen is taking it’s largest team yet which I think will be really exciting. There’s 8 of us going to compete (me and 7 of the guys), and they’re competing in a broad range of weight categories across the white belt division… Anyone wanna place bets on how many medals we can bring home? With 8 of us, participating in ten divisions, I’m going to call that we bring home 9 medals… Any takers?

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