Kleos Koming Up


Can’t decide if that title is a bit too Kardashian-esque…

So, it’s Kleos VII this weekend and I am very excited. I am well within weight (the category is <56.5 and I’m currently 52ish) so I’ve got nothing to worry about there. And before you ask, there wasn’t a weight category below that one, hence the reason I chose to go into feather.


There’s three girls including me in my category, so I’m guaranteed at least two matches (it’ll be a Round Robin I assume) if everyone shows up and is fit and well. Hopefully it’ll all be good. I feel a little bit underprepared, having just come back from holiday, but I trained four times last week, and it’ll be a few times this week as well. I feel good, and I feel healthy, so we’ll just have to see. I feel like my game has improved massively since my last serious competition in Manchester, so we’ll have to see if I manage to remember it all on Saturday.

The lovely Maia Holmes is taking me down to Buckinghamshire(!) on Saturday so we can both compete. Almost certain she’ll walk away with a gold. Luckily she’s a blue belt and I’m a white, so I don’t have to face her across the mats just yet!!


I’ll let you know how it goes with a play-by-play and lessons learned.

Until next time,




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