2nd Annual Scottish BJJ Cup


So I found another comp to replace my failed Newcastle comp this weekend. Just to fill you in a small bit – My mode of transportation to Newcastle fell through, so I am unable to get there. It’s sad because another girl has just registered in my division and I’m her only listed competitor, so she won’t have a match if I don’t go, which is kind of sucky for her. This is why I need to learn how to drive! It’s so irritating having to (sometimes) rely on the less-than-amazing British public transport system. Particularly when so many BJJ comps are on a Sunday, which makes getting anywhere even harder!

Anyway, that aside – I have found another comp to go to! The 2nd Annual Scottish Cup is in Glasgow on the 3rd of September and I’ve signed up for both gi and no-gi divisions, as well as absolutes. I’m excited and hoping that I’ll be well prepped and ready for that.

So that’s three competitions now on the horizon – Kleos the weekend after next, Scottish in early September and Liverpool in late September. Just waiting for North-West registration to open now…

Until next time,



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