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Kaizen Competition: In Pictures

These photos were taken by Sakib Rahman at the first Kaizen No-Gi Grappling Competition. Others to follow by Laura Jenney. We were blessed with amazing weather on the day of the comp and were able to celebrate outside!

Men’s White Belt <77kg Medalists

The <77’s went up first in the day, with the largest bracket of 8 or 9 competitors, so these guys had to fight hard for their medals and the place on the podium.

Men’s White Belt <70kg Medalists

Next came the <70’s. This was a round-robin division (the fourth competitor couldn’t make it), so it was anyone’s to play for in terms of medals. Tom (centre) has previously won gold at the Hong Kong Open, but that was in the gi. No-gi grappling is a whole different ball game.


Men’s White Belt <91.5kg Medalists (missing Steve Kovaks in 3rd place)

This division was another round robin.


Men’s White Belt <84kg Medalists

This was a division of about 5 or 6 competitors, with some very interesting and hard fought matches.


Men’s Blue Belt <80kg Medalists

We initially had a much more robust blue belt division, but we had a fair few drop outs, so ended up with 4 competitors in each division. Despite the smaller numbers the talent was much evident!


Ladies Blue Belt Division

Despite my best efforts I could only get two blue belt ladies to come and compete with us. They were absolute champs though and fought in a catch-all division for the medals. Hopefully next time we’ll have a much bigger division!


Ladies White Belt Absolute Medalists

Again in this division we were plagued with drop outs. What had been a ladies call sheet of twelve competitors ended up being five by the end of the day, forcing an absolute division rather than split by weight. Due to the fact this comp was so fabulous I’m sure we’ll have many more next time!

This was my division, and I decided to compete in between trying to make sure everyone was in the right place at the right time. As much fun as I have competing, I’ve decided that next time I organise a home competition, I won’t step onto the mats as a player. It’s just too hard to focus properly on doing both things!

My first match where it looks like I’m about to slap the poor girl. I was, in fact, denying her the underhook!


Emily applying her wicked strong knee slice in my second match


Men’s White Belt 91.5+kg Medalists

Neil’s second gold of the day… but not his last. This was meant to be Neil’s weight division, but on the day he weighed in under 91.5kg and asked if he could compete in both. He gamely did and walked away with gold in both!


Men’s Blue Belt Absolute Medalists


Men’s White Belt Absolute Medalists

… and Neil’s 3rd gold of the day!!

The one where, just for giggles, I competed in the men’s absolutes – all the other girls had gone home and I wanted more matches!!


All in all it was an absolute amazing day. The next one will be held in early November so keep your diaries at the ready!

We then all went to the pub to celebrate!


After that I went and collapsed into bed. It was a very tiring day but it was awesome and I can’t wait for the next one! Hope to see you on the mats!






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