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Over-Under and Rules, Rules, Rules



Got back on the mats last night after my defeat on Sunday in Newcastle. It was great! Trained for about 3½ hours, and then another 1½ tonight. Hopefully all of these mat hours will pay off. I can feel myself getting better every day, there’s always something I want to work on, something I want to improve, and I have the drive to constantly keep going.

Anyway, in terms of techniques, last night we were working on over-under (something that would’ve been very useful on Sunday if I’d of caught her before she pulled rubber guard), and various passes and counters from it. It was great because some of it was simpler stuff, but then there were some more complex moves that Michael made look super easy (of course!) but in reality were really hard to pull off. For example them attempting a stack pass, you countering that to pull a triangle, them countering again, causing you to invert your triangle to achieve it! Crazy stuff. I bet I can’t actually remember how to pull it off in a live roll, but if we go over it a few more time it’ll be much better! I then had some great open mat rolls with various people, and felt like I’d worked really really hard by the time I walked off the mats. Always a good feeling.

And then tonight was competition class, so we did some rolls to begin with, then went through some of the more intricate nuances of IBJJF ruleset (for example; a takedown to side control is actually only 2 points because you haven’t been in a guard to pass to get the 3 for passing the guard – the more you know). I then had a few more roles (and got beaten by Natalie – props!). Then I decided I’d had enough and headed off to Go Burrito… always the best way to end a training session!

More training tomorrow,



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