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Open Mat: Comp Prep (2)



So it’s the competition tomorrow! I’m a bit nervous, but I’m just interpreting that as excitement. I feel ready. I went to the Open Mat at the gym last night to just do some last minute technique run downs, make sure everything was crystal clear in my mind, including my game plan. I did my last hard rolling on Wednesday and had some absolutely epic rolls, I felt like I was flying! In that vein last night was all about just being careful not to get hurt, and making sure I felt at the top of my game. I do feel good about tomorrow. It’s a test and I’m ready to take it.

BJJ Fam hard at work at the Open Mat last night.

In terms of what we were actually doing, I was working on my guard pulling (I know this divides opinion!) when faced with the pressure of an aggressive opponent looking for a takedown (thank you Adam!), and that seemed to go fine. For technique I ran through all of my commonly used subs, troubleshooting any potential issues. I also worked on my kimura to back-take with Kieran, which is one of my favourite moves if the opportunity arises.

Anyway, I’ve got to go finish packing. I’ve got about four pair of spats with me; just so I have the choice tomorrow! I’m heading off to Newcastle tonight and then be all ready and fresh in the morning.

Still have to decide whether to do absolutes or not…

Let’s do this!



2 thoughts on “Open Mat: Comp Prep (2)

  1. Always consider doing the absolutes if your feeling ok. There is no pressure after doing the hard work in your category and you can just have fun! Plus you’ve paid for the competition any way!

    At the end of the day if you do face a significantly heavy opponent and feel uncomfortable you can always tap 😉


    1. Yeah I was thinking about giving it a go, otherwise I’ll only have one fight. My only reservation is that it’s manchester in two weeks and I don’t want to be busted up! Thanks though… 🙂

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