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Kaizen Academy Grappling Competition

Kaizen grappling comp poster

My amazing Academy is hosting a No-Gi Grappling contest in June and I’m getting super excited about it. We’ve had over thirty competitors sign up so far and we’ve got over sixty people interested, and there’s a long way to go yet until sign up deadline. The divisions are shaping up to provide us with some great match ups, and best of all we’ve had six girls sign up so far. Girls in BJJ are sometimes hard to come by, so it’s nice to see such an immediate and positive response. I’m hoping for some more by the time it comes around to the event. As Kaizen has only been open for seven months, and this are first competition I’m so glad we’ve had so much interest already!

We’ll be following IBJJF rules (with some slight moderations in the blue belt category), and our awesome coach Michael Wood will be reffing the matches. We’re also hoping for plenty of spectators (which is looks like we might get). I love the spirit of competition, and because this is a “local” comp, it’s a relaxed introduction to competition for those who haven’t done it before, or are a bit nervous about stepping onto the mats at a major or national competition straight off the bat.

… And despite what the poster looks like, the competition will not be restricted to reverse de la riva guard!



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