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Open Mat: Comp Prep


Went to open mat today to do some work with Michael for next week’s comp. Went through some techniques that I wanted to focus on, and then had a few hard rolls which were super fun. I’m absolutely loving rolling at the moment, and feel as if I’ve levelled up after suffering a bit of plateau for a few weeks. Today and Monday are going to be the last two hard training sessions before next weekend. Next week’s classes will just be focused on drilling moves and working through some techniques rather than hard sparring.

Next week (May 8th) is the Versus Grappling Newcastle Open. I’m competing in the no-gi beginners light category. I’m not comfortable competing in the gi yet (having focused on no-gi grappling for most of my training) so it’s just the one category this time. Hopefully, the more I expand my training in the gi, I’ll become more comfortable with the idea of taking to the mats wearing the gi.

I’m super excited for the comp; it’s been just over a month since my last competition and it’ll be nice to test my advances and see how far I’ve come. Even if I don’t win all my matches, it’ll be interesting to test myself against girls that I don’t normally get to roll with.





So I’ve decided to start a blog (another one!). I often read on BJJ websites/good practice books etc. that a good way of keeping track of your training is to write it down. I tried that but I’m so bad at drawing (even stick men!) that the diagrams made no sense. I figured that a good way of keeping tabs on what I was doing was to start a blog. So here goes.

What’s important to know about my BJJ journey so far:

Belt: White

Head Coach: Michael Wood

Other Coaches: Kieran O’Brien, Adam Gregory and Ze Macedo

Academy: Kaizen Academy, Lancaster

Training Time: Seven Months

Competition Record:

  • Gi: 1 Bronze
  • No-Gi: 1 Gold

I suppose the most important thing to know so far is that I absolutely adore this sport. I’m obsessed with it. I want to get better and better and better ad infinitum.

I hope you enjoy tracking this amazing journey with me,